Relocation Services Including Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Centers, Assisted Living, and Independent Living Homes

Faced with selecting a facility, long term or short term, is a daunting task for most families. Senior Crossroads can assist you in determining the level of care that is needed and then provide knowledgeable recommendations at all levels so that the family can make an informed decision. Beyond that we can assist with coordinating the physical move and insuring as smooth as transition as possible.

We encourage the active participation of adult children, grandchildren, and other loved ones and care-givers in the process of choosing a senior living community. The following questions frequently arise, but you may have others when considered Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or nursing care. We invite you to call us to discuss your specific circumstances and we look forward to serving as a resource for you.

Senior Crossroads believes in a lively and fulfilling attitude when supporting the elderly and their familes with new lifestyles.

Difference between Skilled Nursing and Nursing Homes

Skilled nursing facility, nursing home, and convalescent home are all terms used to describe a residential facility that provides on-site 24-hour medical care.

Confusion often arises surrounding the use of the term “skilled nursing.” It is helpful to consider that skilled nursing is a description of the type of service that is offered. The need for skilled nursing services does not automatically necessitate placement in a facility, because skilled services are available in a variety of senior care settings.

Rehabilitave Centers

Rehabilitave Centers provide physical therapy to help a person restore function after illness or injury. These therapies can include, PT, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.

Difference between Assisted Living and Independent Living Homes

Both Assisted Living and Independent Living Homes focus on keeping older adults safe, healthy and happy. Both provide support with what are referred to as the Activities of Daily Living (ADL). They can include bathing, dressing, and personal care, or just offer social activities.The differences between these two types of senior housing centers revolve around medical services provided and the physical plant of each community. By contrast, residents in an assisted living community generally require custodial care. It might be a person who lives with memory loss and isn’t safe living alone. Or an adult with mobility problems who needs a little help transferring from their bed to their favorite chair. Independent Living, means you need no extra care but having help readily available.