Crisis Intervention

Crisis with a family member can happen at any time on any day. We are always available to assist in these times. All of our clients’ families are provided with a way to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency purposes. We are never more than a phone call away.

When basic life activities that were once automatic suddenly become confusing, a crisis is brewing.

Consider these circumstances.

  • An elder independently balanced checkbooks for years. Suddenly he is confused by bills, reconciling his checkbook, or check-writing.
  • After parking directly in front of a store, an elder walks away from the store entrance ahead. He enters another store and is confused thinking the store he came to shop in has moved. He looks inside another store not knowing what to do. He doesn’t think of retracing his steps.

Once-familiar places, routines and ways of thinking have been disrupted. Underlying causes may be related to medication side effects, cognitive impairment, dementia, onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms, extreme or rapid blood sugar fluctuations, high blood pressure disorientation, and other issues. If a loved one witnesses more than one crisis, he or she may seek medical advice, research elder health issues, express concerns to the elder and take it from there. If only there were elder care and crisis intervention formulas.