Services Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs

Professional Assessment and Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment helps determine physical, psychosocial, social, and emotional needs. We identify the spoken and unspoken needs of our clients and provide the best choices considering their needs, finances, and preferences. The assessment consists of the following components: physical/medical, environmental, psychological, psychosocial, cognitive, financial, legal and social implications.

Comprehensive Care Plans

A Care Plan provides a roadmap to ensure your goals are the focus. The plan is tailored to the specific needs of the client. The plan is developed with all involved parties and is used as the tool to insure that all agreed upon aspects of the plan are occurring as outlined.

Relocation Services including Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Centers, Assisted Living, and Independent Living homes

Faced with selecting a facility, long term or short term, is a daunting task for most families. Senior Crossroads can assist you in determining the level of care that is needed and then provide knowledgeable recommendations at all levels so that the family can make an informed decision. Beyond that we can assist with coordinating the physical move and insuring as smooth as transition as possible.

Recommendation and Coordination of Home Health and Companion Services

Choosing an individual who will come into the home to provide care is often an overwhelming responsibility and without knowing who you can trust can result in a less than desirable situation. We can help the family by assisting them in knowing the questions to ask and providing referrals to service providers who have the same commitment to quality service as we do. We can then coordinate and monitor the services so that all the clients’ needs are being met.

Research and Recommendations for Specialists such as Elder Law Attorneys, Psychiatrists, and Physicians

The best way to ensure the highest quality of life for your loved one is to insure that a full team of professionals are involved in the plan. Senior Crossroads has an extensive network of trusted professionals/organizations. We can provide strong recommendations on who will work with your family member’s best interest as the priority. In the event a specialist is needed that is not part of our network we will work through our network to identify and recommend those who are a known entity within our community and have the same commitment to quality care.

Health Advocacy

We help our clients and their families make informed medical choices and receive the best care possible. We serve as independent patient advocates and navigators, helping clients find and work effectively with providers, make informed treatment decisions, resolve insurance issues, and manage their care.

Financial Assessment and connection to applicable community resources such as Medicaid

Senior Crossroads recognizes that the cost of ongoing care can be expensive. All of our clients will receive a financial assessment which allows us to be sure that they are accessing any and all benefits they are entitled to help offset some of these costs. In the event that there is a possibility for additional benefits we will work with the family to be sure they complete the application processes required.

Assistance in Understanding the Complexities of Medicare and Maximizing Services

Understanding Medicare is not for the faint of heart. It is a complex system but we help families navigate the complexities and insure that they are getting the full benefits of this system.

Serve as Liaison for Families Living Out of Town

We know that when adult children live out of town, there is constant worry about their parents. We pride ourselves in being the eyes and ears for the distant family members. We will attend medical appointments, visit regularly and most importantly communicate with the family as to the status and needs of their parent.

Support and Reassurance

Senior Crossroads sees one of its main goals as the relieving of stress for the family that comes from caring for elderly or chronically ill family members. We provide relief and reassurance to both our clients and their families by being there as much or as little as they desire. We are prepared to walk with the family every step along the way to provide them with guidance and support to insure the best quality of life possible.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis with a family member can happen at any time on any day. We are always available to assist in these times. All of our clients’ families are provided with a way to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency purposes. We are never more than a phone call away.