With Americans living longer these days, more and more families are faced with the challenge of caring for their elder or disabled family members. This often results in families facing decisions that they are not sure how to handle. The compassionate care offered by Senior Crossroads combined with their expertise and knowledge results in exceptional service and peace of mind. Whether you are concerned about present or future needs, we are here to help. We provide proactive care solutions to the challenges facing seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Senior Crossroads provides professional Care Management services to help you navigate the complex health and human services systems. We offer thorough and cost effective answers to the difficult questions regarding the well-being of your loved one. We provide unsurpassed problem-solving, resource expertise, and health advocacy. Let us provide you with clear options that will assist you in making critical decisions. We work proactively to keep our clients as healthy, safe, and independent as possible.

The doctor has recommended your parent move to an assisted living facility.
Your parent has had multiple falls in their home.
You recently visited your parent and learned they are not showering or managing their personal care needs.
They require assistance in their home with everyday activities (meal preparation, laundry).
The doctor has diagnosed your parent with a health condition.
Your parent is demonstrating memory loss.
Your loved one is being admitted to a rehabilitation facility temporarily or long-term.
You are grieving over a recent medical diagnosis.
The doctor has told your parent they are unable to drive anymore and you need transportation resources.
You are unsure of the benefits of Medicare or Medicaid or other Public Benefits.
One of your parents is the caregiver for the other.
Your parent’s doctor won’t return your phone calls.
Your parent is in the hospital and you need to make decisions regarding their discharge.
Your parent is residing in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility and you are frustrated with the care being provided.
Your child has been in an accident or is suffering from a chronic illness.
Any challenge related to aging or disability.

Professional evaluations
Care plans and advocacy
Assistance in selecting nursing home, assisted living, home health providers, rehabilitation centers, or companions
Research, professional evaluations, and recommendations for specialists such as elder care attorneys, psychiatrists, and physicians
Financial assessment and
connection to community resources such as Medicaid
Assistance in understanding the complexities of Medicare
Crisis intervention


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